Athenaeum gears on developing creative digital natives. It is now embarking on the use of mouse mischief classroom. It is a fun and easy way to incorporate technology into each lesson. Also, it encourages students to actively engage in every activity and allows them to become more active and willing participants in the learning process.

At an early age students are exposed to the digital world as they learn basic computer lessons and programming. The Mac Lab is a perfect venue for creating studentís own outputs in 3-D animation. Fiber optics has been made accessible to the high school students as one of their lessons in Technology and Home Economics.

Baking and pastries making allows the students to have a hands-on experience at the AICHI Laboratory. LCD TVs have been provided in each classroom to facilitate the functionality of mouse-mischief programs.

Apple IPAD 2 gadgets are made accessible to students from Preschool to Grade 3. Educational games and other applications are made available for them to have fun as they learn.